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James David Audlin is an American author living in Panamá, after previously living in France.

A retired pastor, college professor, and newspaper opinion page editor, he is best known as the author of "The Circle of Life" and "A Writer in Panamá".

He has written about a dozen novels, several full-length plays, several books of stories, a book of essays, a book of poetry, and a book of dreams that came to him.

Fluent in several languages, he has translated his novel "Rats Live on no Evil Star" into French ("Palindrome") and Spanish ("Palíndromo").

James David Audlin also is a professional musician who composes, sings, and plays several instruments, though not usually at once.

He is married to a Panamanian lady who doesn't read English and so is blissfully ignorant about his weirdly strange books. However his adult daughter and son, in Vermont, USA, are aware, and are wary, when a new book comes out.

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